Trade Profile
  No responsability In collaboration Sole Responsability Joint responsability Under the responsability of
Project Definition
Choice of projects to produce, welcome          
Project feasibility evaluation          
Previsional budget elaboration          
Choice of venues          
Exhibition Preparation
Project content elaboration          
Choice of artists, works of art          
Choice of architect, set designers, etc          
Financial sourcing, funding          
Artist and works of art documentation          
Compilation of new artwork production files          
Loan negotiations          
Exhibition displays (mounting, room and window content, etc)          
Iconographic documentation          
Third party recruitment: transport, assurance          
Catalogue preparation          
Exhibition documentation elaboration          
Project Figures (quote preparations) Partner Selection
Set production          
Assembly and disassembly          
Loan Sheet Management          
Definition of transport type / artwork route          
Customs procedures management          
Go / see transporter          
Crate and packaging fabrication          
Artwork transit preparation          
Artwork packaging          
Condition report          
Tarif negociation          
Claims management          
Production, assembly and disassembly
Team recruitment and management          
Coordination of the various stages of assembly, planning          
Scenographic fabrication          
Exhibition signage: title, etiquettes          
Photographic campaign          
Exhibition Management
Exhibition opening          
Technical maintenance of artworks          
Recruitment, management of guardians          
Recruitment, management of guardians          
Recruitment, management of guardians          
Recruitment, management of mediators          
Security procedures in case of artwork damage          
Environmental control checks          
External Exhibition
Choice of exhibition venues          
Exhibition follow-up          
In situ exhibition assembly